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Dr. Michael Eskridge has been in the field of education for thirty-four years. He began his professional career in Seattle, Washington as a Montessori pre-school teacher. Dr. Eskridge went on to teach elementary, middle, and high school students in the public and private sectors.
Dr. Eskridge has served as an Assistant Principal, Principal, and Central Office Administrator in the public school systems of Seattle, Washington, Alexandria, Virginia, Albany, New York, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and St. Gabriel, Louisiana. For three years Dr. Eskridge served as the Director of Education of an in-patient drug/alcohol treatment center for youth ages 12-21 in Seattle, Washington. In addition, Dr. Eskridge owns and operates Cooperative Educational Services, an educational consulting business.
Dr. Eskridge has also served as a mentor, coach, project manager and program director for Advance Innovative Education’s Re-designing Lessons, Re-envisioning Principals (RLRP) Program, Louisiana’s first statewide alternative certification program for educational leaders. Dr. Eskridge served as Executive Director of the RLRP Program for six years.

Dr. Eskridge is a native of Rodessa, Louisiana.

Modern pedagogy leveraging digital tools for immersive, interactive classroom experiences

Curating diverse events and meetups to foster community connections and engagement

Full tuition coverage, no extra fees – your education, your investment

Nurturing young minds, where nature serves as both compass and playground.

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