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Organizational development is essential, as it helps organizations transition into a more productive phase. The implementation of an organizational development programs facilitates this transition by systematically fostering change, bringing in new ideas and innovative ways of doing things. This proactive approach not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to the organization’s profitability. Moreover, it emphasizes professional development, ensuring that individuals within the entity continuously grow and acquire the skills necessary for sustained success. The benefits of Cooperative Educational Services organizational development services, including improved productivity and profitability, are vital for the long-term success of any organization.”

Continuous Professional Development: Fostering Growth and Efficiency

Continuous Professional Development is a cornerstone for individuals and organizations committed to staying at the forefront of their respective fields. By investing in ongoing learning opportunities, professionals enhance their skills, adapt to industry changes, and foster personal growth.

Increased horizontal and vertical communication

Effective communication, interaction, and feedback within an organization are pivotal components of a successful organizational development program. A streamlined communication system ensures that employees are aligned with the company's goals, values, and objectives.

Employee growth

Organizational development places significant emphasis on effective communication, which is used to encourage employees to effect necessary changes.  

Enhancement of products and services

Innovation is one of the main benefits of organizational development and is a key contributing factor to the improvement of products and services.

Increased profit margins

Organizational development influences the bottom line in many ways. As a result of increased productivity and innovation, profits and efficiency increase.

Professional Development: CES Organizational Advancement Process

The CES Organizational Development Model comprises six key components:

Problem diagnosis

The organization development process begins by recognizing problems. The method of diagnosis usually takes the form of data gathering, assessment of cause, as well as an initial investigation to ascertain options.

Feedback and assessment

The feedback and assessment step often involves proper investigation of identified problems so that there is a deep understanding of the challenge at hand.


Once an organization defines and understands its challenge, an action plan is put together. The plan lays down all the intervention measures that are considered appropriate for the problem at hand.  

Intervention and implementation

Once a plan is in place, the intervention phase commences. Since the organizational development process is complicated, implementation processes, including organizational development programs, are a key element of the model.


As soon as the intervention plan is complete, the outcome of the change in the organization is assessed. If the required change does not take place, the organization looks for the cause. Adjustments are made to ensure the obstacle is eliminated.


Success in Professional Development and Organizational Development Programs signifies that the desired change has occurred. A well-structured plan and efficiency standards are implemented to ensure the sustainability of the new paradigm. Continuous monitoring is essential to guarantee the longevity of implemented changes. Moreover, in the dynamic landscape of evolving markets and organizations, new challenges may emerge, prompting the need for further development. Exceptional organizations thrive through continuous evolution.


We provide organizational services to businesses, Churches, schools, and community-based family support organizations residing in the Great Harrisburg, PA area, Mechanicsburg, PA, and the Greater Carlisle, PA area.


The cost for our services is $1,000 per year to perform the following services:

Flexible Payment Plans


Clients have the option of having organizational development services delivered online or face-to-face on the day and time that is convenient for them.


Our organizational development staff are highly qualified business professionals, who have delivered organizational planning services to businesses, public schools, private schools, charter schools, and community-based family support organizations.


Today is the time to plan for ongoing success for your organization!

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