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Donny Martinez Current Client

Dr E’s dedication to each one of us with love and patience to each and every one of our problems, blocks…was remarkable. His ability to explain the material in diligence and with a sense of humor was very relatable to me…This has allowed me to find so much more depth in my role as a man in my relationship with how I interact with my partner and interpret things in the present moment to be framed in a productive manner for my sons development in a helpful way. Dr E is driven with such a passion and love for what he does that it inspires me greatly. Thank you for the incredible generosity of spirit that every single one of your classes was taught with. You teach your students so much more than just being fathers you teach how to be good proper parents and men of integrity!

Al Barron, Ph.D Educational Consultant

Dr. Eskridge possesses excellent leadership skills and strategic planning techniques for challenges found in public schools. In addition, Dr. Eskridge has held five principal positions which served low-income, high-risk students. He has extensive experience in curriculum development, program evaluation, classroom teaching, student assessments, and training and supervising teaching staff. Dr. Eskridge also possesses excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.  

Carolyn Johnson

I worked with Dr. Eskridge, affectionately known as Dr. E, for more than seven years when he served in the position of Executive Director for Advance Innovative Education, and I was in the role of Master Leadership Coach. During Dr E’s tenure as executive director, he exemplified the highest character traits and qualities of an educational leader. He is very knowledgeable and understands the educational problems and issues faced by school leaders, teachers and students. Dr. Eskridge possesses all the attributes of professionalism.

Kristy Hebert Ph.D

Dr. Eskridge is the consummate professional. He has a vision that he can articulate at a micro-level and engage with all stakeholders-parents, community members, teachers, principals, and especially students. Simultaneously, he can share the big picture of education that often people grapple to understand. He is without doubt a distinguished educational leader.

Frank Neubrander Professor of Mathematics

It is with great pleasure to write this professional reference for Dr. Michael Eskridge. He is a visionary and dynamic instructional leader, manager and administrator who can create effective organizational structures and educational environments. He brings sound judgment, pride, a wealth of experience, and professionalism to his work environment, has excellent rapport with his staff, students, parents and/or customers, and has a very collegial relationship with all those he works with.

Darnalious "Cortez" Brown

"Dr. Eskridge has been instrumental in helping guide young men and fathers such as myself. His insight and leadership have helped me become not only a better man but a better father. With him leading our Fatherhood program we as men have been able to open up and share our experiences like never before. As well as leading our academic enrichment program, our children have excelled in school and we know we always have someone ou children can turn too in times of need or struggle academically, who will be patient with them. I could not be more proud to be working with Dr Michael Eskridge!"

Dr. Curt R. Green

During my tenure with AIE, I’ve had the chance to work with Dr. Michael Eskridge as the Program Manager and learn from his servant leadership style as he networked with several school districts across Louisiana. As the Executive Director of Advance Innovative Education, Dr. “E” as he was affectionately known, drove across the state to share AIE’s success rate on the School Leadership Exam as well as Teacher Certification Exam for non-certified educators. Dr. “E” established a sense of urgency and shared accountability for all employees in meeting the needs of our customers (apprising school leaders and teachers) in an effort to address the administrator shortage as well as lack of certified educators in the classroom. Dr. “E” firmly believes in building the capacity of others. With an “all hands-on deck” motto, his instructional focus used student learning data to assess strengths and weaknesses of our curriculum as well as implement instructional strategies to improve academic performance for all educators.

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