The Significance of Financial Literacy Program Pennsylvania

In 2023, numerous young individuals confront a lack of fundamental financial knowledge, with distressing debt statistics at the forefront. Exceeding $1 trillion owed by young Americans and 70% of millennials navigating paycheck-to-paycheck living, a pressing requirement arises for a Financial Literacy Program. Furnishing the youth with efficient money management tools becomes paramount in preventing a recurring cycle of debt and insecurity, establishing a solid groundwork for a stable financial future. Explore the profound influence of our all-encompassing Financial Literacy Program by Cooperative Educational Services, steering individuals toward enlightened financial choices and cultivating economic resilience.

Financial Literacy Program in Pennsylvania

Empowering Futures Through Informed Financial Choices

The CES Youth Financial Literacy Program, a comprehensive initiative spanning a 9-week duration, is expertly guided by teachers, providing middle and high school students with vital personal finance skills. This specialized financial literacy program covers crucial areas, instructing students on how to earn and save money, practise wise consumerism, create and adhere to a budget, handle bank accounts, navigate investments and credit, evaluate risks, utilize insurance, and address financial challenges such as identity theft and debt. The CES Youth Financial Literacy Program aims to empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a secure financial future.


We provide youth financial leadership tutoring services to students residing in the Great Harrisburg, PA area, Mechanicsburg, PA, and the Greater Carlisle, PA area.


The cost of the CES Youth Financial Literacy Program is $200.00 for the 9 week program.


Our tutoring staff are highly qualified teaching professionals and have extensive backgrounds in teaching youth financial literacy topics.


The program is delivered online on the day and time that is convenient for the parent and student.


The curriculum for the CES Youth Financial Literacy Program is The Money Club: A Teenage Guide To Financial Literacy (Author: Jasmine Brown)
Students will also be invited to attend CES’s Quarterly Youth Financial Literacy Seminars and parents will receive Monthly Youth Financial Literacy Tips for parents to discuss with their child.


We collaborate with our students’ parents on a regular basis to ensure that our students are progressing and to solicit feedback and recommendations.

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